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The mission of Shay’s House is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all youth.  

A Safe Haven for All Youth

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God is within her; she will not fail.

                                         Psalm 46:5

Shay’s House was founded by Mrs. Britney “Shay” Moreno. The idea of Shay’s House was conceived during her senior year at Monsignor Edward Pace High School.  During this time Mrs. Moreno developed a passion for working with youth through a service-learning project focused on Stanley Tookie Williams. Tookie Williams taught her that no matter life’s obstacles the road to redemption is always available. 


Mrs. Moreno is a proud Miami Dade County Public School Educational Specialist.   She is also the founder of Girl Talk and Redemption.  Girl Talk is a mentoring program for young girls that focuses on life skills and self-esteem. Redemption is a mentoring group that is dedicated to educating young males on the dangers of crime and gang violence. 


The birth of Shay’s house comes from personal life experiences.  As a child Mrs. Moreno often felt alone with no guidance and no one to talk to.  During her freshman year of high school, she was blessed with her mentor Dr. Crystal Spence. Over the years Dr. Spence has had a major impact on her life and played a huge role in Mrs. Moreno successfully navigating the years to adulthood.  Their mentor – mentee relationship provides a protected space to connect through shared experiences, offers feedback, coaching, affirmation, support and guidance. Without a doubt Mrs. Moreno knows she would not be the woman she is today without Dr. Spence support.  Her goal is to show the same love, dedication, and encouragement, to the young women enrolled in Shay’s House.

Saving a PEARL One Girl at a Time


We invite you to become a Shay’s House supporter by making your donation today.


Your support makes it possible for young women to get help when they do not have anywhere to turn for school, work, healthcare, and housing. We are a non- profit agency that maximizes each dollar by allowing our programs and services to help each young pearl we serve.


At Shay’s House, we are driven to demonstrate outcomes that make a difference for young girls in South Florida.


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