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Our Mission at Shay’s House is to guide each client, help her to develop a high self-esteem, become economically independent, provide family nourishment in a safe sheltering place, and hope to offer support, so each woman/teen can build a solid foundation to re-enter back in the community self-sufficient and reduce recidivism. 

Staff & Employment Opportunities


Shay’s House is made up with a host of professional staff members that oversee each day to day process for every client that enter and assist in meeting the needs of each client individually
If you are an applicant that feels you are able to share Our Mission and Vision Statement please feel free to apply on our employment “Application” in the event Career opportunities open within our agency you will be notified to submit a resume and cover letter via fax 713-633-1045 or email to: step2shayshouse@yahoo.com. Please continue to check for openings.

Shay's House TV
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As we look ahead to 2014, we plan to continue providing housing, food and supplies for 100 homeless individuals/ families in need. This campaign is for 100 days starting January 1, 2014. 

This Campaign is to have EVERYONE to at least donate
4- Quarters
10- Dimes
20- Nickels
100- Pennies

But we can't help more individuals/families without you!

Please help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 by April 10, 2014 so we can finish purchasing materials, provide housing and supplies as we be prepare to start off strong in the New Year!

But more importantly, you will give a hand up - not a hand out - to individuals/families in critical need of a decent place to live due to homelessness.


In the event you would like to donate more than $1.00, your tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will help purchase much needed supplies. Please ask and forward to at 100 people who support helping the homeless.


The Board of Directors and Staff of Shay’s House